Dawn of Discovery™ Gold Edition

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Dawn of Discovery™ Gold Edition
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Dawn of Discovery™ Gold Edition

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Dawn of Discovery: Gold Edition

Build a unique New World nation from scratch in Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed Dawn of Discovery Gold Edition, an epic real-time strategy and simulation game. In the immersive single-player campaign, which is set in the year 1404, you set sail on a global journey to explore new lands, trade with other civilizations and learn to use new technology as you build an empire with its own unique history. Balance the demands of protecting your cities from pirates and other threats with the need to expand your empire and provide for your citizenry. Master the economic system, maintain your infrastructure and locate new sources of food and other resources to keep your nation running smoothly.

Brand New Venetian Setting

Download Dawn of Discovery Gold Edition for PC for access to the full game as well as Dawn of Discovery: Venice, an exciting new expansion that complements the rich, complex environment of the original game. Gain the ability to build two new types of ships, the small and big tradesman cogs. Sabotage the expansion attempts of your enemies by infiltrating their ranks and creating secret cabinets. The Venetian add-on includes 60 new items and 300 new quests, including new mission types and fresh achievement opportunities. Gain access to and exploit the resources of a new island type, the Volcano island.

Design Personalized Cities

Journey to the Orient to build massive metropolises with your own personal touches when you play Dawn of Discovery. Familiarize yourself with the technology and culture of the Orient as you bring the desert landscapes to life with flourishing settlements. Design a seaside city with a harbor system to make trading with neighboring settlements easy. Impress visitors, natives and powerful sultans by crowning your cities with awe-inspiring monuments. Shape the appearance and function of your cityscape by adding alleys, castles, city walls and other structures as you see fit, and place dozens of objects strategically to customize and enrich your city.

Novice and Expert Appeal

Whether you are new to the city-building strategy concept or are a veteran builder, Dawn of Discovery Gold offers plenty of appeal. Navigate the intuitive user interface with ease at any skill level, and access numerous advanced options to customize the interface as you learn the ropes. Enjoy the thrills and adventure of the immersive single-player campaign to familiarize yourself with the world of Dawn of Discovery, and use the sandbox mode to modify your creations. Motivate yourself by earning medals, titles and other rewards that are collected in the captain’s log. No matter your level of expertise, the game guarantees perennial city-building fun.

All-new Online Multiplayer Mode

In addition to the stellar single-player campaign featured in the original game, the Venetian add-on included with the Gold Edition introduces an online multiplayer mode with support for up to eight players. Battle it out against other players from around the globe in the competitive versus mode, or share control of your resources, ships, cities and other assets with your friends and teammates to beat the AI in the cooperative mode. Design multiplayer sessions based on your own conditions - such as population size - for personalized gameplay. No matter which way you prefer to play, enjoy a rich multiplayer experience that is as customizable and rewarding as the single-player adventure.

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Dawn of Discovery: Gold Edition includes the original Dawn of Discovery and the Dawn of Discovery: Venice add-on in the highly acclaimed game that just got better.

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  • Dawn of Discovery™ Gold Edition
  • Dawn of Discovery™ Gold Edition
  • Dawn of Discovery™ Gold Edition
  • Dawn of Discovery™ Gold Edition
  • Dawn of Discovery™ Gold Edition

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